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November 20, 2020

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Why Should I Buy a Real Tree vs. an Artificial Tree?

We know what you’re thinking. Why in the world do you want a real tree when you can pull an artificial tree right out of the box and within three snaps, it’s up. And if you are extra fancy, it’s pre-lit and you don’t even have to wrap the lights.

Our team here at Mowbray’s Garden Center believes in the experience of a real Christmas tree and would like to share with you our top five reasons for choosing a real Christmas Tree vs. an Artificial Christmas Tree.

  • Reason 1. Real Tree Air Filters

You may be thinking, “but isn’t it wrong to cut down a living thing, just to use as a holiday decoration?”

By making a real Christmas tree part of your holiday tradition you are also being kind to our environment. Tree farmers only grow Christmas tree varieties because they are depending on customers to buy and enjoy them. A good-sized Christmas tree can take eight to twelve years to mature. While a Christmas tree is growing, the tree is absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing clean oxygen. These temporary tree filters are doing their part to clean the air and helping to slow climate change. We’d like to see those imposter artificial trees try this. Without the demand for real Christmas trees, we would miss out on this cycle of the year after year filtration. Not to mention the shelter and temporary living space that real trees provide for our local wildlife.

  • Reason 2: Recycle With Options

Yes, we may think that buying an artificial tree, one that we can haul down from the attic each and every year is a responsible choice to make. Truth is, no matter how many years you use an artificial tree, or how many generations you can pawn off the hand-me-down tree as a “starter tree” —> you will never be able to stop it from someday winding up in the trash. An artificial tree that contains PVC is non-biodegradable and will forever celebrate the holidays in the landfill. Plus, you are extra thrifty, you can turn that real tree into a fun family fire, mulch it, or compost it!

  • Reason 3: It’s A Real Tree Tradition

We are not suggesting that you follow in the Griswold Family’s footsteps. We want you to create your own family tradition. Maybe opt for something a little less adventurous than heading into the forest and chopping down your own tree? Head to your local tree forest or local garden center and let the plant experts handle it. When Thanksgiving is over and you can either start the tradition of teaching your family to shop [although shopping at Black Friday prices can be a good lesson in finances] or you can start the family tradition of picking out the perfect family Christmas tree. Twenty-twenty has been a rough year. EVERYTHING is changing. We all need to mix things up a little, and this could be your year to begin the new {insert your family name} holiday tradition. You and your family will able to browse the tree forest and take in the chilly winter air. Start the holiday season off right by enjoying this stress-relieving experience.

  • Reason 4: Buy Local & Support Local

Has anyone actually read the origin label on the box for an artificial Christmas tree? A majority of artificial trees are manufactured in China. Yes, there are American companies that sell artificial Christmas trees, but that’s only halfway. Shop with family-owned tree farms and the small businesses that take the time to create a winter wonderland for you! When you purchase your family Christmas tree from a local tree farm or your local family-owned garden center, you can feel confident that you are making a difference. You are supporting their child’s dance recital, or helping with the community lights display that the small business was kind enough to donate to.

  • Reason 5: Bring Nature Indoors

Close your eyes and breath in… Do you smell the fresh, crisp evergreen? The real thing, not a holiday plugin, or tree scented candle, or those green scented sticks that you hide in an artificial tree. Let a real tree indoors help keep you calm this holiday season. Come home every day to your 8-foot stress reliever and help fight away the anxiety, depression, and stress that can be triggered with the holidays. Herbalists also say that pine needed can help to boost your immune system. We think that in 2020, we will take all of the help that can get! Plus, if you have a fireplace and snuggle up in a warm blanket it will be a Christmas perfect scene.

If we have piqued your curiosity about the benefits of owning a real Christmas tree after reading this blog, stop by your local garden center and let the experts show you your options. The team at Mowbray’s Garden Center in Cambridge Maryland is always happy to answer your gardening questions and help you find what works best for you!

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